Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Flagrant Foul

"Davis Bertans #42 of the Washington Wizards is fouled by Markieff Morris #8 of the Detroit Pistons during the second half at Capital One Arena on January 20, 2020 in Washington, DC."

When I played sports, especially near my later stages of my short career, the beginning of the season was always the biggest mental challenge.

It wasn't because I was out of shape or grinding through what seemed like endless practices before the games began. It was something totally different.

It was scoring the first goal.

Until the ball was put into the back of the net, the limitation of scoring seems like the hardest thing on the planet to achieve. Some seasons it took seconds, some years it took multiple games.

Photography is no different.

When the clock strikes midnight and the new year begins, the first few assignments can feel like a real challenge. You're comparing an entire years worth of work to only a few assignments into the year - as you try to make a great picture.

Twenty days into 2020, I feel some elation as a flagrant foul resulted in an interesting action picture to kick off the year.


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