Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Hand-to-Hand Combat

"Clint Connelly and Steve Golub (R) arm wrestle during the Frederick County Maryland Arm Wrestling Team's practice at the home of Sergey Svetlikov on May 31, 2020 in Mount Airy, Maryland."

In March, the NBA postponed their season and the Covid-19 pandemic was officially here in the United States.

I knew sports would still go on, but then nearly every other professional sport worldwide followed and canceled and postponed.

However, other sports had to find a way to get people to compete. So I made it a mission to find those still competing.

One of the more unique was arm wrestling.

In a world where social distancing and physical contact with others was strongly advised - one cannot simply arm wrestling without doing both of the aforementioned.

Hosted by Russian native Sergey Svetlikov, who once competed in Russia, he got his groups togethe to pracice after a long pause due to the coronavirus.

Like these gentlemen, they continued to chase their passion, compete during this challenging time in the safest way possible. I only hope others do the same.


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