Monday, May 28, 2007

Jays' claim NCAA Lax Championship

There is no better way to start the summer off then with an exciting NCAA men's lacrosse championship game. In case your weren't in lacrosse championship record breaking 48,443 crowd at M&T Bank or watching on the tube, Johns Hopkins took the crown.

The Blue Jays celebrate their second NCAA title in three years after defeating Duke, 12-11. The Jays took a commanding lead going into half time, but after Saturday's Duke/Cornell game, that meant nothing.

The game was tied 11-11 before the Jays would take a 12-11 lead. But, after a couple Duke shots ringed off the pipes, and a terrific key save by Schwartzman the Jays claimed the title.

Long weekend of lacrosse. I'll be updating with some images as soon I get time. I've already updated my SportsShooter page. But you can always check my Flickr page for other images.

Sunday, May 27, 2007


I may stop down to M&T today for the D-III final, but I probably won't. Yesterday was a scorcher, and since school has let out for summer I haven't had much down time.

Perfect timing with today being gorgeous outside. I haven't had much time to edit my 1500+ photos yet. I'll be uploading some more as the day goes on, but probably not until I have some down time tonight when I can sort through them.

I'll be putting them on my [Flickr page].

Saturday, May 26, 2007

NCAA Lax Semi-Finals

One word describes Saturday's NCAA men's lacrosse semi-finals at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore. Hot.

With high temperatures peaking around 90 degrees, the pitch of M&T boiled around 95-100. Yes, I got burnt. And lobster red.

As temperatures cooked a record breaking 52,004 final four crowd, Duke and Johns Hopkins advanced to the national championship, setting up a rematch of the 2005 NCAA final. In 2005, the Blue Jays were the victor. However, coming off a canceled 2006 season and late thrilling victory over Cornell, Duke gets a chance at redemption on Monday, May 28 at 1:00 p.m.

Although rooting for the underdogs, Delaware failed to show up to play. They fell to Hopkins, 8-3.

Nonetheless, I haven't seen a more exciting game of college lacrosse all season until the Duke vs. Cornell game.

Duke had people leaving at the half, as they lead the game, 7-3. As the third quarter started, it seemed as if the crowd's motive to leave early was the right thing to do. I'll admit it, I thought of leaving early to transmit, too. But the thought of not shooting another lacrosse game until 2008 (after Monday) had me sticking around. I am glad I did.

Cornell would go on an exciting, 5-1, run in the last nine minutes of the game. Other photographers were running to the Big Red's offensive half, and the crowd was on their feet roaring. With 17 seconds remaining, Cornell tied the game. The stadium erupted. I was convinced it would be an OT victory for one of the teams. However, a heroic goal by Zack Greer, his fourth of the day, with just three seconds left insured the 12-11 win.

I could go into much greater detail, but I am just too tired and dehydrated to even think clearly. I'll be updating this post with some more pictures later.

In closing, my heart goes out to Duke. I hope they win the national championship to prove themselves, and rise up over all the allegations against them last season.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Exciting for you... boring for me

It's that time of year again. Graduation.

This is my second time shooting graduation since transferring to Towson last fall. I'll probably shoot two more, if not shoot my own, before I make the walk. At this rate I don't think I'll have the energy to actually sit for another two hours and walk across the stage myself next year. Well, maybe if Towson gets someone of significance to speak.

Moving on, I cannot imagine graduating at this point in time.

Sure it's an big, exciting step in life. I'd be fooling myself if I said I wasn't anticipating my own graduation. But as I stood there listening to the boring speakers (who didn't motivate, nor excite me) I kept thinking of all the students who will do nothing with their degrees. Granted their are many students who already have a job or on the right path with their futures, I kept thinking of those that have just gone through the motions of getting a degree. Seems like a waste of their own and/or parents dough to do nothing in life.

I think that I am fortunate to know what I want to do in my life. I'll do whatever it takes to do what I love. But it's a little scary to think that college is the last step before being released to the "real world."

I like college and after some words of wisdom by a very talented shooter I met and assisted a bit at Preakness, Brendan Smialowski, I don't ever want to leave. He said:

"You have a miniature world at you disposal, yet, [with] very few real world restrictions."

As I just said, I don't think I ever want to leave the freedom of school now. But I'll take his word for it and move on when the time comes.

That ends my insights for the day, congrats to my friends who made the walk today. Congrats on your hard work and successful future careers.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Preakness: Two

"Surging by a head, Flashy Bull pulls a late stretch lead in the William Donald Schaefer Handicap and pulls a win over favorite Hesanoldsalt during the Preakness Stakes at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, MD."

This was the race before the "big one" where Curlin won in an exciting finish of the 132nd Preakness.

I only shot one race because I was shooting features all day and I didn't actually shoot the big race because I was firing off remotes as an assistant.

I've added a couple more pictures to my Flickr page. I'll probably continue to upload some more.

Other than that I cannot wait for the NCAA men's lacrosse final four weekend this upcoming Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

Saturday, May 19, 2007


"Jockey Robby Albrado kisses a replica of the Woodlawn Vase in the winner's circle after guiding Curlin to victory in the 132nd Preakness Stakes at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, MD."

Today I got to shoot Preakness as an assistant to the EPA. It was fun, but a long day.

I shall return tomorrow with some more Preakness pictures. I am just happy to have a my first Sunday off since August 30th.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Good people make good portraits

"Hand painted fender to fender, bumper to bumper, Dr. Bob Hieronimus’ new Artcar has many symbolic stories. The overall theme is the same as that of his new book: The Founding Fathers."

Yesterday at our weekly editorial board meeting our Arts Editor, Amanda, mentioned she was doing a feature on a local guy named Dr. Bob Hieronimus for Thursday. She didn't give much information on him, but she said, "I took photos with my camera or whatever." I knew that wasn't going to cut it, so I told her to contact him and set-up a portrait to be taken for today.

With school getting hectic, two days of classes left, I've been enjoying escaping to shoot as much as possible. Takes my mind off of stressful school subjects.

I love portraits [and warm weather], so it fit the bill impeccably today.

As I always do, I did a little research on my subject, Dr. Bob. The main concept with Dr. Bob is his new Artcar and new book: The Founding Fathers.

I pulled up to his home at 1PM and had a optimistic feeling that he was going to be a nice guy. I was right. I was promptly invited inside and he asked what I was looking to do with the shoot. "Outside with the car," I suggested. Without hesitation he pulled the Artcar out of the garage and parked in exactly where I wanted.

As I began scope out my shots, I realized he is the kind of person I would like to shoot everyday for portraits. Dr. Bob is one of the reasons I love journalism. Why? He had charisma. He had a passion. He was fascinating. He was civil.

Not only did Dr. Bob do whatever I asked, he opened up and told me about himself. He answered questions I had. He shared his knowledge. He made my job easy.

I love meeting people and telling their stories with photos. However, sometimes I don't enjoy it.

To be honest there are people who have no admiration for photographers. Sometimes you come up with a great idea for a portrait on the way to the shoot. Then the idea is shattered as quickly as if Cinderella's glass slipper was dropped off the empire state building when they are impolite. Others look down on photographers, give them no respect, no time.

Kanji once said to me, "a great man treats you like another man." This is true.

After a stressful day, a week full of mundane assignments, or a ill-mannered portrait subject, it's the good people that make photography/photojournalism worth it at the end of the day.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Celebration version 2.0

My long day of shooting wrapped up last night after the CAA Men's Lacrosse Championship held at Towson.

With the help of goalkeeper Tommy Scherr and CAA Player of the Year Alex Smith (who won 14 of 21 faceoffs) Delaware upset Towson, 10-7. The Hens now receive an automatic bid into the NCAA tournament. However, Towson may still has a chance to get into the tournament due to their RPI and SOS.

I am keeping this post short. Lots of work to be done today. About to go shoot Towsontown Fest, too.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Tigers advance to CAA Championship

Long day.

Today and Monday were host to The Towerlight editor elections. These elections are held twice a year, two weeks before the end of the semester. They are so new members get the chance to step up in ranks and for other staff to replace parting seniors.

This election was normal for the most part. I was again re-elected as Photo Editor. There was not much change; everyone for the most part was elected to their same positions if not moved up ideally. Two seniors and friends will be graduating. [Darnay Tripp], past Associate Sports Editor, and [Brian Stelter], past Editor in Chief.

Aside from elections today was very busy. I had lots of work to be done, in addition with a late night lax game. Wednesday's and Sunday's are production days. These are long days to begin with, but what makes these even longer is when there is a late game.

The Tigers defeated visiting Hofstra 11-5 in the semi-finals of the Colonial Athletic Association Men's Lacrosse Championship. I actually didn't have a spread for this game, but was very surprised that the Towson ignited in the second half leaving Hofsta in the dust. My money would have been on the Pride after a come-from-behind-OT-upset in regular season action.

The [CAA] top-seeded Tigers will now face the Delaware Blue Hens in the CAA championship game on Saturday night at Johnny Unitas Stadium.

This Saturday is going to be LONG. Spring Towson football at noon, Towsontown Fest during the middle of the day and the CAA Championship at 7:30PM. I am sure there will be something else thrown in the mix, too.