Saturday, July 31, 2010


"A young boy attempts to find his location after clearing his goggles in the foam at Foam Day in Lehi, Saturday, July 24, 2010. In its second year, Foam Day is a new annual event where firefighters create a field full of nontoxic foam for families to play in."

I worked the holiday last weekend.

What holiday? I had the same question.

Apparently the state of Utah shuts down for "Pioneer Day." You can read a "factual" Wiki entry about it here.

Between my two assignments, which were Pioneer Day related, I had about five hours to burn.

I heard about this Foam Day event in Lehi (the one Lance Booth, our former intern, shot last year), so I figured I’d take initiative and venture over to make some more art for the paper.

Well, for about 24-hours I smelled of soap, my eyes were red and burning.

Not to mention, I am surprised my phone still works, my wallet took a day to dry out, I ruined a perfectly good note pad, my shoes, socks and clothes were drenched (and soapy), and on top of that, had no idea what I was shooting (or seeing out of my own eyes for that matter).

But I had a blast.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

From a cowboy's hands

"Jeff Wolf of Benjamin is a sculptor of his life's experiences, actual memorials and moments captured in time, viewed and experienced through his own eyes. "I have these dreams, and these dreams will keep reoccurring until they're so vivid in my head, that when I finally can't take it anymore, I just start creating," Wolf said. "It's like my hands are just tools, I am not doing anything, it's just coming to life on its own through my hands.""

There is something about cowboys that gets my attention from the second I see them. So it's no wonder that I've been doing a lot of stories in South Utah County recently.

My last subject was Jeff Wolf; sculptor and buckaroo.

The minute I met Wolf I was intimidated. There was no escaping that he was anything but a western prodigy. Born and raised in the Western desert of Utah, he spent most of his days on horse back and riding bulls.

If that wasn't enough, his artwork was down right breath taking. At this point, I wasn't sure I'd be able to stick my 24mm in his face with all these overwhelming characteristics.

Little did I know we'd connect very, very quickly.

Instead of shooting pictures my first day, we sat down to get to know one another during an interview. After he began talking of his life experiences, I literally pinched myself a few times.

The way he described his methods of creating art and his personal thought processes, I thought I was dreaming.

Why? Because he was speaking aloud many ideas and same thoughts I have about myself and my photographs.

From wanting each piece he creates to be the best, art being valleys and peaks and, wanting to learn other things as well as his craft, the visions he has for new pieces, and more.

I could could go on, and on how much we thought alike on many different fronts. I was just glad to hear that other artists think equivalently.

Simply put, he was an inspiration.

Monday, July 26, 2010


"A local teenager swings upside down before splashing into the water area known as "salto" in La Fortuna, Costa Rica, Saturday, July 3, 2010. Salto in Spanish literally means jump."

I am still trying to get through my Costa Rica pictures from my trip earlier this month.

While most of my images are toned, I am more or less trying to get an edit together before throwing them up.

So I will probably be putting some outtakes up between now and whenever I decide to get through the edit and post the rest.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


"James Roh of Ohio skates the bowl at the Heber City skate park, Friday, July 23, 2010."

Former super intern and friend James Roh visited the Beehive for some good photo fun this week.

Roh who is finishing up school at Ohio University, and currently working on some personal projects in California, decided to visit us photogs of Utah PJ as his camera sits at Nikon for repairs.

One thing he wanted to do while living in Utah, but never got to do, was swim in Deer Creek reservoir. So a group of us did just that.

Afterward, I wanted to shoot some images of him skating nearby in Heber City.

It was good having him around, now maybe I'll have to make a trip to Cali.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Passionate thank you

"Artist Tom Holdman is embraced by a supporter following his unveiling and explanation the significance of a stained glass window he created for The Community Presbyterian Church in American Fork, Wednesday, July 14, 2010."

As of late, I've been doing a lot of stories on gifted artists. Tom Holdman was one of those people.

Last week, he created and unveiled a stained glass window for The Community Presbyterian Church in American Fork.

It was a pleasure to hear him speak about his passion of creating stained glass art for others and how his found his gift and started.

When he unveiled the large window those in attendance stood on their feet, clapping and shedding tears of joy.

Following the speech, it was amazing to see the passionate thank yous everyone gave to Holdman.

And Holdman didn't simply brush it off, he received each handshake and hug with just as much respect and love back.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Toe float

"A visitor effortlessly floats on the Great Salt Lake at Antelope Island State Park in Syracuse, Utah, Saturday, July 17, 2010."

Today, I was given fairly minute, obvious advice by a subject who has turned out to be one of the most inspirational folk I've met in Utah to date.

He said, "I try to vision every where I go, whether I've been there or not, be it this very road I drive every day, as new and fresh, as I've never been there before."

What great advice. Sure, I've probably thought that before, but never practiced the saying.

The gentleman that said the above is my current story subject. Full of wisdom and is a incredible artist - more on him to come.

With that, I had been Antelope Island State Park before, but never floated. So it was all fresh. I cannot wait to go back and shoot some more at a later date.

Not many people out, but the sunset was amazing, and I liked the above and this frame.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Meet me in the trap

"Jeff Jolley hits from the trap on hole No.16 during the semifinal match of the 112th Utah State Amateur Golf Tournament at the Alpine Country Club in Highland, Saturday, July 10, 2010. Jolley was eliminated by to Stu Gold."

I never thought of it this way until Guy Reynolds of the Dallas Morning News said it.

Golf "action" is rather oxymoronic.

The beginning of his post over of the DMN photo blog summed up golf impeccably.

Basically, unless something is flying, such as: sand, water, grass, or a club, things are fairly standard. And even then, well, it's just golf. Well, in my eyes that is.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Salty sunset

"As the sunsets over the Great Salt Lake, visitors line the beach area of Antelope Island State Park in Syracuse, Utah, Saturday, July 17, 2010. Antelope Island State Park is the largest island in the Great Salt Lake."

I can't lie, in my eyes this image is pretty cliche. But one cannot escape the beauty of a great sunset. It was refreshing to see such vivid colors over the water - reminded me of home.

While sunsets are typically awesome out west, I haven't watched the sun dip below the horizon in a long time. And what a better place to view it happen than in the middle of the Salt Lake.

Now, I've been living in Utah for almost a year now and have yet to see if you really do float on the Great Salt Lake. So I headed up to Antelope Island State Park to test it out.

After finding that it's true (and utterly amazing), snapping some frames of others floating, I headed back to my car as the sunset.

Only having my 35mm, I was quickly disappointed that I had walked the half mile from the water to my car with nothing longer.

But I then remembered I had my 300mm in my trunk from the other day and started snapping away.

What a great night.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pick a winner

"Caleb Moller, 5, of Spanish Fork picks his nose in the super-heros dance class during the Spanish Fork City's Arts Council Youth Arts Clinic at Maple Mountain High School, Tuesday, June 22, 2010. The Youth Arts Festival is a two week creative arts experience for children ages 3-18 that aims to engage and enrich all children through music, dance, art, literature, drama, photography, and much more."

Couldn't help myself but to take this.

The event was a snooze fest and I think pictures of kids crying, fighting and picking their nose was all that kept me interested.

Alas, I am sure his mother won't enjoy this.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


"In a shaft of light, Orem Owlz' Pill Joon Jang (36) pitches against Idaho Falls Chukars during the fourth-inning at Brent Brown Ballpark in Orem, Saturday, June 26, 2010."

The Orem Owlz games are no Baltimore Orioles games, but they do have some nice light and don't charge for media hot dogs.

The games typically start at 7 p.m., which gives use shooters more than an hour of great light.

Although, it does make exposing for the infield and outfield about a five-stop difference.

And I should say, I love Baltimore, but come on Os'!

Monday, July 12, 2010


"During lunch break, Chase Shaw, 11, of Cedar City (back center) and peers combat one another in a fake conflict at Camp Floyd's history camp, in Fairfield, Wednesday, June 23, 2010. Camp Floyd's history camp is so popular with kids and parents, they have had to extend it with two more sessions."

Right before vacation I shot a couple of assignments - one being a summer camp.

I wasn't sure what to expect as I drove out west to Fairfield. I had gone to sport camps when I was younger, but never a history camp.

When I pulled up, I was surprised to see a bunch of young boys decked out in old costumes; guns and all. I had thought they'd be reading books or something.

After I introduced myself, the camp leader told me they were about to have an hour lunch break and insisted he run the kids through a small performance for me. I told him I'd rather wait around, but he wanted to do it.

So I acted like I shot it, didn't fire a single frame.

Why? Because I knew how I was when I was younger at summer camp during lunch. I'd inhale my sandwich and drink and then goof around for the remaining 55 minutes.

And that's exactly what I got. I am glad I got there when I did to get the kids being kids.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Provo Open

"Casey Fowles tees-off on hole No.1 during the 71st annual Provo Open golf tournament contested at The Reserve at East Bay, Saturday, June 19, 2010."

After a painfully long travel day, I'm back in the U.S.

I guess I'll resume my older posts I never got to before heading to Costa Rica and begin putting up some newer stuff, too.

Be warned, it could either be a smattering of way too many posts or very little posts in coming days as I try to adapt not being on vacation time.

And of course, more Costa Rica images to come.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010


“As his raincoat flaps in the wind and rain, a bicyclist rides down the road near a palm oil plantation on the Pacific coast near Quepos in Costa Rica, Tuesday, July 6, 2010.”

Hola, amigos.

I’ve been away from the computer for the past couple days and haven’t had much good Internet either.

With that, I really haven’t been doing much shooting either. My current location has me stationed in the middle of nowhere on the south pacific side of the country. But I guess that’s good since I am technically on vacation.

It has also been rainy here, but that was known going into the trip during rainy season. I thought it summed up the past couple days - Sun in the morning, very strong rain and thunderstorms in the late afternoon through evening.

Back home in a couple days. Its been too short of a vacation.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Cloud forest

"A tourist holds onto the side of the rails on the Selvatura suspended bridges in the Monteverde Cloud Forest, in Monteverde, Costa Rica, Wednesday, June 30, 2010."

I am surprised - I still have limited Internet.

But thanks to my friend David Hobby, I found a local place here in Santa Elena that has more powerful Internet. He was much help in my trip here to Costa Rica.

So obviously I had to get another picture up.

Now I cannot promise anything else as I'll be moving about three-hours northeast tomorrow morning.

Sorry, Mom.

Thursday, July 01, 2010


"A local woman, otherwise known as a tica, waits in her car on the main street in Santa Elena, Costa Rica, Wednesday, June 30, 2010."

I am currently in Costa Rica for the first time and what an adventure its been in the first 24-hours.

Last night, I got in and traveled from San Jose to Monteverde - it's more than a three hour drive.

Not only did I have a busted down rental (got screwed over after making the reservation), but it was dark the entire way and the roads were sketchy.

From winding roads up and down valleys to the same thing, unpaved and one lane, it was no easy task.

Not to mention, add in litters of sleeping dogs in the street (I estimate I passed easily 50 stray dogs), lots of fog and bad windshield wipers, I was mentally drained by the time I got to the hotel.

But today was amazing up here in the cloud forest. And the main street has a lot of character.

And while I didn't shoot too much, boy does it feel good to just shoot for myself.

The Internet is in-and-out at my current location, and well, I don't want to be on the computer right now. My room has no a/c, no tv, no phone. Simply listening to the bugs and critters is all I need.

Check back for more, maybe, throughout the week.